Forest Utilization Network

Photo Credit: Marcus Kauffman

Forest Utilization Network


Established in 2017 via charter from the Council of Western State Foresters (CWSF), the Forest Utilization Network (FUN) addresses a range of regional forest utilization issues. In cooperation with CWSF leadership, the FUN works to support sustainable forest management, the forest industry, and communities. FUN members help to inform the CWSF membership about issues and opportunities for leadership action.

Membership of the FUN consists of a representative from those CWSF member states and Pacific Islands that have opted in. Appointments are made on a voluntary basis by western State Foresters.

The FUN is led by a leadership team and leadership is rotated on an annual basis among member states to assure the widest diversity of expertise and representation. The 2020 leadership team includes: 

  • Chair: Tom Perry - Wood Products & Renewable Energy, Montana Dept. of Natural Resources & Conservation, Forestry Division
  • Vice Chair: Tim Reader - Wood Products Utilization & Marketing Program Specialist, Colorado State Forest Service
  • Past Chair: Marcus Kauffman - Biomass Resource Specialist, Oregon Dept. of Forestry
  • State Forester Advisor: Peter Daugherty - State Forester, Oregon Dept. of Forestry

A synopsis of recent FUN projects include:   

  • CWSF 2020 Success Stories Publication - This publication features a sampling of forest utilization success stories from 11 western states. These stories show the innovation and ingenuity at work across the region, from biochar on the Great Plains to jet fuel in the Pacific Northwest.  
  • CWSF Biochar Market Analysis – This project provided a comprehensive outlook of the potential of biochar development within the western region of the U.S in a Q&A format. The report also touches on economic and regulatory incentives and barriers to biochar production and use.
  • Mass Timber Market Analysis – This analysis summarizes recent and future demands for mass timber, existing and planned manufacturing facilities, suppliers of mass timber products, existing and planned projects, and lumber supply and demand, etc.
  • Mobile Biochar Demonstration – In 2019, FUN hosted on-site demonstrations of a mobile biochar production technology from Ragnar Original Innovation to help address a range of woody debris waste streams, such as slash piles from forest harvesting operations; residues from sawmill processing; and urban and community forestry activities. 


Each year, the network produces a report out for the CWSF Fall Meeting. This report out highlights key accomplishments from the year, and looks forward to emerging issues for the coming year. Yearly report outs are featured below:

More Information

For more information on the Forest Utilization Network or to contact a member of the network, please visit the FUN member directory

Photo Credit: Marcus Kauffman