Photo: Jon Songster

The Good Neighbor Authority (GNA) Committee was established as a standing committee in 2023. Prior to serving as a committee, the GNA members met as a Task Force.

The mission of the GNA Committee is to perform as an exemplary network within the Council of Western State Foresters (CWSF) to share information and resources; advise state and federal leadership, staff, and partners through expert technical guidance; and provide recommendations for policy improvements regarding federal forest management, shared stewardship, and the use of the GNA to western state foresters and their federal counterparts.


Membership of the committee consists of a representative from those CWSF member states and Pacific Islands that have opted in. Appointments are made on a voluntary basis by western State Foresters.


The committee is led by a leadership team and rotates annually among member states to ensure the widest diversity of expertise and representation. The 2024 leadership team includes: 

  • Chair: Trevor McConchie (WA)  
  • Vice-Chair: Christine Mares (AZ) 
  • Past Chair: Vacant until 2024/2025 term
  • Secretary: Kyle Sullivan-Astor (OR) 
  • State Forester Advisor: Craig Foss (ID) 
  • CWSF Staff Liaison: Kelsey Delany 

Work Plan 

Each year, the committee produces a report for the CWSF Fall Meeting. This report highlights key accomplishments from the past year and a look at work for the year ahead. Recent reports are featured below:



If you wish to contact a member of the Good Neighbor Authority Committee, please contact Kelsey Delaney