CWSF Strategic Plan

CWSF Strategic Plan


The mission of the Council of Western State Foresters is to cultivate partnerships, raise awareness, and take action on important issues affecting western and Pacific Island forests.

Trusted Source

Be the credible source of information and expertise on western forests.

  • Forest Policy & Government Relations: Engage and participate in national forestry legislation and policy issues with western impact.
  • Communication: Develop a timely, effective and responsive communication strategy.
  • Quality Information: Develop a mechanism to ensure the credibility of CWSF communications and materials (validated, fact-based, data-driven).


Increase engagement and deliver exceptional value to members.

  • Issue Expertise: Maintain broad knowledge of issues that are relevant to members.
  • Engagement & Member Service: Develop a membership engagement and services plan.   
  • Information Sharing: Keep members informed of emerging issues, innovations and best practices.

Strong Organization, Strong Results

Ensure a strong, well-managed, financially sound and responsive organization.

  • Staff Development: Create staff professional development, retention and succession planning.
  • Member Feedback, Recognition & Engagement: Identify ways in which to engage members, recognize them and solicit critical feedback.
  • Funding Diversification: Diversify and increase sources of funding.
  • Nonprofit Best Practices: Implement and develop full complement of best management practices for nonprofit organizational management.

Power of Partnerships

Establish and maintain strong and effective partnerships to address Western forest priorities.

  • Strengthen Relationships: Actively engage with federal agencies and partners.
  • New Partnerships: Engage with partners outside CWSF and the Western Forestry Leadership Coalition (WFLC).
  • State Forester Organizations: Maintain effective working relationships with NASF, NAASF and SGSF.
  • Partner Successes: Develop a mechanism to share successful partnership stories.
  • WFLC: Actively engage in the Coalition and deliver the goals of the WFLC Strategic Plan.