RVCC Peer Learning Survey

RVCC Peer Learning Survey

The Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition (RVCC), is building an All Lands Learning Network to support coordination, innovation and learning around collaborative, cross-boundary projects. RVCC is seeking individuals to take a short survey to develop a better understanding about how all lands management projects are working (or not).  All Lands is defined here as projects involving more than one landownership and more than one agency/manager that seek to meet mutual goals across boundaries.

RVCC encourages you to take this short survey (~15 minutes) by June 1 to help RVCC better understand:

  • Your familiarity with programs and tools that facilitate all lands work;

  • How you learned how to do an all lands project;

  • What leads to the variation in how all lands projects are created;

  • And whether there are key bottlenecks to overcome.

Additional Information
Last fall, RVCC created a guidebook - From Ideas to Action: A Guide to Funding & Authorities for Collaborative Forestry – as a resource for partners to better understand the suite of programs and authorities available to them for land stewardship. Now, we want to get a better understanding of how participants are these using programs and tools to implement all lands projects. Our hope is to gather information about the operational level of all lands management projects. This assessment will be essential to facilitating learning and hosting effective peer learning exchanges.

RVCC encourages you to share the survey with your networks. Please contact Karen Hardigg with questions.