Leadership Change - Deputy Chief of State and Private Forestry
Victoria 'Vicki' Christiansen has accepted the offer to serve as Deputy Chief of State and Private Forestry, Washington, D.C. She replaces Jim Hubbard, who retired at the end of October after 10 years as Deputy Chief. Vicki began her new assignment on October 30. Vicki was a CWSF and WFLC member as the Washington Sate Forester and the Arizona State Forester. Learn more
Acting Associate Chief for State and Private Forestry
Jane Darnell has accepted the offer to serve as acting Associate Chief for State and Private Forestry. Jane is currently the Deputy Regional Forester in Northern Region. She replaces Vicki Christiansen who recently moved into the role of Deputy Chief of State and Private Forestry.  
New Rangeland Fire Science Plan Essential for Sage-Grouse, Sagebrush Conservation and Restoration
The U.S. Department of the Interior released a new science plan that will serve as an action-oriented blueprint for acquiring information needed to make science-based decisions to restore and conserve the imperiled ‘sagebrush sea,’ a roughly 500,000-square-mile-area of sagebrush steppe habitat across western North America.
The goal of that Strategy is to reduce the size, severity and cost of rangeland fires; address the spread of cheatgrass and other invasive species that exacerbate the threat of fire; position fire-management resources for more effective rangeland fire response and effectively restore healthy rangeland landscapes.
National Cohesive Strategy Workshop
The Western Regional Strategy Committee is working with the Southeast and Northeast Regional Strategy Committees and the International Association of Wildland Fire to deliver the National Cohesive Strategy Workshop.
The focus will be on science on how it has helped or will help implementation of the Cohesive Strategy. To learn more about the workshop or to register, please click here.
Western State Forestry Job Openings 
Click here to view job openings in our Western state forestry agencies.