Happy New Year to our forestry community. Like so many, we here at CWSF and WFLC have been attempting our best crystal ball reading of what 2021 will bring. A year of continued transition, no doubt, as we continue to adapt to and address challenges associated with COVID-19. This means, for instance, continuing to meet in virtual space for a while longer - even as we look forward to times to come when coming together in person will once again be viable. This also means continuing to hone our collective abilities to forward the important issues we work on, no matter what challenges confront us.

Towards this end, CWSF and WFLC staff plan to keep looking for and sharing about our use of the technologies and tactics for managing telework, building community, and staying on course in the priority work we have each committed to doing with excellence. We look forward to deepening our connections with members and partners this year and progressing in efforts to address wildfire, forest management, and a range of other critical issues in the West. We invite you, our members and partners, to reach out to us as you observe opportunities for greater work alignment, information sharing, and community support. Pulling together in approaching the coming year's challenges in sure to strengthen all of our efforts and leave us, at the end of 2021, looking back on a turn around the sun filled with success.