Highlights below from CWSF Executive Director Caitlyn Pollihan. These updates were featured in CWSF's September newsletter. 

Oregon Board of Forestry Announces Next State Forester
  • The Oregon Board of Forestry unanimously selected Peter Daugherty as the next State Forester, concluding a process that began in early May when current State Forester Doug Decker announced plans to retire. Read more
Marshall Islands Announces New Forester
  • Lajkit Rufus has accepted the position of state forester for the Marshall Islands replacing Henry Capelle who was acting state forester during the interim. Rufus will assist in designing and planning the work activities for the RMI forestry program and will also support the Chief of Agriculture in implementing activities in the Agriculture Division.
National Association of State Foresters’ Annual Meeting
  • The Council of Western State Foresters (CWSF) participated in the National Association of State Foresters’ (NASF) Annual Meeting in Savannah, GA September 19-22, 2016. The meeting included several important votes on issues of importance to the West, such as the adoption of performance measures and several resolutions. Read NASF's event press release.​
CWSF Executive Committee Transitions
  • Following the NASF Annual Meeting, the CWSF Executive Committee transitioned to new executive committee members effective the end of September 2016. The new CWSF Executive Committee is made up of the following: Mike Lester (CO), Chair; Ken Pimlott (CA), Past Chair; Greg Josten (SD), Incoming Chair; and Jeff Whitney (AZ), Treasurer/Secretary.
LSR Meeting
  • The Landscape Scale Restoration Competitive Grant Program (LSR) team members had an in-person meeting and training for the FY 2017 grant year in Denver, CO on August 24-25. Committee members went through an orientation that provided background on the LSR grant process, reviewed the web portal for online applications and scoring, and discussed old and new business. The deadline for LSR closed on September 14, 2016, and committee members are in the process of reviewing and scoring proposals for this fiscal year.
Wildland Fire Leadership Council Meeting
  • Caitlyn and Kelsey attended the Wildland Fire Leadership Council (WFLC) September Meeting in Boise, Idaho. Kelsey acted as the record keeper for the duration of the meeting. The two-day meeting boasted a full day field tour that highlighted the challenges and opportunities associated with the management of wildland fire and landscapes in and around sage-grouse and sagebrush habitat near Boise, Idaho. The day-long business meeting addressed topics including resiliency on tribal lands, the USDA Forest Service Life Fire Engagement sessions to-day and lessons learned from the 2016 fire season, and WFLC priority issue activities. The next WFLC meeting is scheduled for November 2016.