Council formed to update Montana's forestry action plan

Council formed to update Montana's forestry action plan

May 20, 2019
Billings Gazette

The state of Montana is updating its plan for managing forests and working across jurisdictions to identify and address areas of wildfire and forest health concerns.

Gov. Steve Bullock signed an executive order Monday forming the Montana Forest Action Advisory Council. The body, with membership including loggers, conservation groups, tribes and state and federal agencies, will meet over the next year to update the 2010 Montana Forest Action Plan. The plan is due for revision by 2020 and will implement programs aimed at increasing the state’s role in forest management statewide.

“We’re charged with two things: one is to create an assessment of forest conditions for the state of Montana, and the second part is given those conditions, what do we need to do, what are priority areas for active forest restoration and management to mitigate wildfire risk?” said Montana State Forester Sonya Germann.

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